In these unprecedented times, Axiom Stone Solicitors will, in common with other businesses, be following the Government's official advice on social distancing and social isolating.

Public health measures must have the highest priority and, as a result, some staff will be working from home. Also, our offices will be closed to visitors.

However, we wish to reassure existing and potential clients that we will continue to provide the highest levels of service.

Please be assured we have a robust business continuity plan in place that is designed to minimise the impact on our service to you.

In addition, please continue to contact us electronically or by phone in relation to the progress of your matters or on any issues of concern to you.

Until further notice, service of claim forms, application notices and all other court documents and contractual notices must be made to our head office only (we shall not accept service through any other means). Our head office address is at Axiom Stone Solicitors, Axiom House, 1 Spring Villa Road, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 7EB. We ask that all other correspondence be sent by email to the relevant member of Axiom Stone Solicitors. In the event that service of court documents or contractual notices is attempted by post, courier, DX, or fax to any address other than that of our Head Office, we cannot provide any assurance that they will be received or processed. We are grateful for your understanding at this time.

We will update this information regularly on our website (Please see COVID-19 Updates Here) and via social media.

Finally, we urge everybody to follow the official advice on fighting the virus outbreak so enabling you to stay safe and well.

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Slip, Trip And Fall

Have you suffered a personal injury following a trip, slip or fall on a public highway or in a public place?

Your local highway authority or owner of a public place is legally liable for the maintenance of their stretch of road or building. If you have suffered as a result of a defective paving slab, or a pot hole in the road or pavement or a hazard in a public building and we are able to prove that this was caused as a fault on the part of the highway authority or owner of a public building to take adequate steps to ensure your safety, then you are entitled to claim compensation for your personal injuries.

Steps you need to take following a trip, slip or fall accident:

  • Obtain details of any witnesses to your slip, trip or fall and/or witnesses who are able to comment how long the defect has been in that particular state
  • Take clear photographs of the defect, making sure they are taken alongside a ruler so that the height or depth is easily visible and mark on the photograph the direction of travel and the exact point of impact
  • Take photographs of the surrounding area, showing easily identifiable landmarks and street names
  • Report the accident to the local authority or public building owner responsible
  • Seek medical advice immediately if you have sustained an injury and report the details as to how the accident happened to the hospital/GP to ensure it is recorded

The above information is essential so that the local authority or person responsible can investigate your claim and also for us to prove that they have failed in their legal duty to protect all users of the road/building.