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Business Immigration

We are aware that setting up a business throws a number of challenges and complications, including delay, difficulties with your structure and organisation, recruitment of skilled workers, investment challenges and compliance issues, all of which can be complex and stressful. Our business immigration services are designed to put you at ease by guiding you through the process step by step and finding a solution tailored to your individual business needs.  We achieve this by working closely with your objectives and providing cost-effective services as well as compliance support.  We place a huge amount of emphasis on client care, allowing us to continue the relationship once we have met your requirements and beyond.

Our business immigration team consists of one of the most highly experienced solicitors in London of working and providing immigration services and solutions for all sizes of organisations across a range of market sectors, in compliance with UK immigration law and in accordance with your business requirements.

We assist our clients and their family members of all ranges and ages and in respect of all types of visa applications from entry clearance, extension of leave and settlement to British citizenship.  We can guide you through the points scoring nature of business immigration, confirm if you score points for your individual categories and thereby confirm if you meet the requirements. Please click on the relevant visa for further information:-